kahuna_burger (kahuna_burger) wrote,

Wacky WoW idea....

The Hubby has gotten me playing World of Warcraft, and while I'm not as into it as he is, I've played it enough to know I need to found my own guild. ;-)

The guild will be named "Tot Watchers" and will be made up of people for whom the game cannot be their top priority every time they are on (and those who are feeling helpful to such players.) When you go on a quest/trip/raid with the Tot Watchers, you let everyone know at the outset what your tot status is, and everyone agrees to stop when someone stops and defend their lifeless husk until they can get back in the game. Maybe we'll design a couple of macros for all the guild members - shouting "Tot Watch!" to let folks know you are going "dead" or a log out with "Emergency Tot Watch!" yell when you won't be back in the game for a while.

Yes, I'm nuts.
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