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Ask Dr Live Etiquette... facebook friends

It has come to my attention that about half my facebook "friends" are people I went to high school with, haven't talked to since, and in many cases, didn't talk to much then. I mostly just accepted their friend invitations on the basis that I remembered their names and wasn't sure how much traffic there would be....

I dunno, I'm tempted to do a friend purge down to the people on the list I actually consider.. you know, FRIENDS. Or at least regular internet aquaintances. And purge everyone who does that silly Mafia Wars facebook game. *grump*

Is it rude to drop facebook friends without explaination? Is it ruder to announce a coming purge a couple of days in advance? Exactly how rude (also egotistical) would it be to post an update asking everyone to leave a comment saying in what way they consider themself my friends and purge the ones who say "um, we were in the same junior english class and I always thought you were funny even though I never spoke to you when there was someone more popular available."?
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